Aurora, Missouri

Byron E. Taylor Christian Service Center

The Christian Service Center provides help in emergency and crisis situations to the Aurora, Verona, Marionville and surrounding areas. They provide assistance with food, utilities, rent, gasoline, prescriptions, and clothing, as well as holiday and natural disaster help. There is also a thrift store open Monday-Friday from 9am - 4 pm.

For more information on how to get help or how you can help, you can call (417) 678-4600 or visit their Facebook page.

Children’s Smile Center

The Children’s Smile Center is a non-profit organization that provides preventive and primary dental care for children ages 1-19 and pregnant women with Medicaid in Barry, Christian, Dade, Lawrence, Stone, and Taney counties.

Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm . For more information, call (417) 678-1174.

Harvest Food Pantry

The goal at the food pantry “is to help families and those who are on fixed incomes with their grocery expenses.”

Every Friday, with the exception of the third Saturday, food is distributed to all those who sign up. Friday distributions are from 12-1P.M. Saturday distributions are from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Please bring boxes or laundry baskets to pick up food.

To check distribution dates and other details, you can check the church website, visit their Facebook page, or call (417)-229-2430.

Donations of plastic sacks are greatly appreciated!

Harvest Helps: Addiction Recovery

Harvest Helps meets on Wednesdays at 7 p.m to help people find freedom from the bondage of addiction. If you have been court-ordered to attend meetings, the leaders sign papers every week. To find out more, call the Harvest Church office (417) 678-2310.

Mobility Worldwide MO-Southwest

Mobility Worldwide Mo-Southwest is an affiliate of Mobility Worldwide. The mission of Mobility Worldwide is to bring mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk. Mobility carts (also known as PETs) provide children the opportunity to attend school, allow family providers to find employment, and allows them to travel for church, social, and health purposes.

Want to help? Contact to find out how you can help build PETs (Personal Energy Transportation Vehicles) or make a donation!

Tri-County Pregnancy Resource Center

Tri-County Pregnancy Resource Center is available to assist you with pregnancy related questions and concerns. All services are free and confidential. Services available include pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, pregnancy counseling, educational classes, material goods, and resources.

Located in Aurora, the center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-5pm. You can call (417) 678-0090 for more information and there is also a 24/7 hotline (800) 712-4357.

Want to help? Make a donation or find out about volunteer opportunities & fill out a volunteer application to get started.