The Vision

To see our churches truly become THE church.

What would happen if all the churches in an area to work together to provide for their fellow believers, but also the poor, the broken, and the lost? So many churches fall short of the resources (money, time, location, volunteers, etc) they need to do BIG things...but what would happen if there was enthusiastic cooperation among all the churches in a town? What if, to some extent, they pooled their resources? What if their actions said "look at what God can do" instead of "come join my church”?

Our goalS

  1. ) To create an undivided church in every town in the area of missions, outreach, and benevolence.

2.) To unite outreach efforts in communities by creating a single place to find information for all the outreach available in a community, for as many communities as possible.


Because we believe that:

  • It should be easy for people who need help to find it.

  • It should be simple for people to volunteer with or donate to causes that change their community (and the world!) for the better.

  • People can do more good things when they do them together.